• live in wonder…

    Don't close your eyes. Your daughter has a dimple under her right eye that deepens when she smiles at you. Your baby's legs are soft and perfect and his toes are made to be tugged. The man that loves you looks at you like you hung the moon when you play with his children. And when you hold his hand there is a space between your grasp that sunlight shines through. Your life is full of magic. It is all around you if you choose to see it. Take it in. Let it fill your heart. Live in wonder.

October 10 on 10


The ground was sludgy, but the day was gorgeous…. just a slight chill in the air. Sunshine. A  cast net. Cool water.

Birds flew when we approached, and Sterling laughed.

The smallest fish bring the biggest smiles.

Discovery. Family time.







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maria manco - great 10 on 10! that beach looks awesome

rowe - what a beautiful day! i AODRE that photo of the birds gina… amazing!

Candy - So beautiful!! Peaceful and quiet post. My favorite kinds of photographs. You have such a sweet family and I would love to be by water and seagulls right now.

september project 10 / comfort

Her soft and perfect touch.

Early… before other memories. Life and love shaped and nurtured in a way that is never matched. Her comfort brings twinkles to blue eyes and smiles to bubbly lips.

Mother. The first comforter.

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june 10 on 10 / evening at the beach

Life has been hectic lately. This was a welcomed slow evening at the beach. The kids were so excited when a fisherman caught a blowfish, and the purple, pink sunset was just amazing.










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march project 10 / treasure

Little Finley is perfect – from her sweet “kewpie doll” hair down to her tiny toes. She is the prize at the end of a long wait, and I know her family is so happy to have her. Can you think of a more amazing treasure? Neither can I.

And now, go check out my friend, Alana’s lovely work!

Jessica Downey - So very beautiful, Gina! I love the tone.

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Jessica Downey - Seriously. I’m just melting over these!